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EXCASA is a new way to sell your house fast and for all-cash. Our network of investors buy homes in any condition. Get multiple offers for your home. Get investors to compete for your house!

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Sell to EXCASA or List Your House?

All cash buy out table_check.pngYes table_wrong.pngNo
Avoid fixing and cleaning house table_check.pngYes table_wrong.pngNo
Sell your house quickly table_checkYes table_wrongNo
Save time, stress and headache Table CheckYes Table WrongNo
Guaranteed to sell Table CheckYes table_wrongNo
Selling process is simple table_check.pngYes table_wrong.pngNo


Why Sell to Us?

Traditional Real Estate Is Slow! We Buy Fast And With Cash.

It is almost impossible to sell your house quickly with traditional real estate. It can take weeks just to get your house listed through an agent. And then your house can sit on the market, amongst thousands of other homes in your area, for months or even years before it finally gets a valid offer. In the meantime, you’re stuck paying the mortgage, utilities and home insurance on a vacant house. Get money from your house, don’t put more money into it.

Traditional Real Estate Is Hard! Selling Your House To Us Is Simple.

It takes hard work and serious expense just to list the house, and that’s not even getting into the time and headaches involved in closing. With us you get:

No Hassle

No Home Repairs

Because of the competition in the current real estate market, you feel the pressure of having to fix issues in your house, putting more money into it and spending more time on it. Since we buy houses as-is, there’s no need to repair your home. There’s no need to pour more money into your property. Cash out now instead of putting cash in.

Fair Offer

We are local. We are not an outside agency that swoops in to buy up homes. We are independent with no hefty franchise fees to cover. Because we know the area so well, we are able to provide a higher level of service, and pay purchase prices that are more competitive. No real estate agents will be taking a percentage of the sale of your home.

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