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We are a marriage of a national network of local home buying investors and technology. Our founders came from both the traditional real estate industry and hi-tech. We leverage both of these backgrounds to be able to offer you the fairest offer and the most efficient process in the industry.

How is EXCASA different from other “We Buy Ugly Homes Fast” companies? These other companies are single individual investors. Since each investor has different criteria for buying and each property is unique, home sellers may not get the fairest offer by getting an offer from single investor companies. With EXCASA, homeowners get multiple bids from local investors in our network. To simplify the process for you, we only forward you the most attractive no-obligation offer.

Joe Jackson - President

Joe Jackson – President

All cash buy out Yes No
Avoid fixing and cleaning house Yes No
Sell your house quickly Yes No
Save time, stress and headache Yes No
Guaranteed to sell Yes No
Selling process is simple Yes


Selling directly to investors is not for everyone. But thousands of homeowners have sold to investors because they realize the benefit of doing so. Each home is different and so is the situation of the homeowner.

Fast Closings – We can close within 7 days. How is that possible? It is because the sale of your property to us is not dependent on the buyer getting approval for financing, home inspections, appraised values, or other things that hold up the closing process. By skipping these steps, we expedite the closing process.

  • When to sell to us
    • If you need to close fast
    • If your property needs repair and you can’t/don’t have time for it
    • If you don’t want to deal with hassle of listing and selling
  • When not to sell to us
    • If your house is in great shape
    • If you don’t mind spending some time on the selling process
    • If you can wait for a longer selling/closing process

EXCASA was created to connect homeowners who need to sell their house quickly with real estate investors.

Here at EXCASA, we believe that everyone should be able to choose when and how to sell their house.

We offer an alternative to the traditional Real Estate agency methods and can buy houses in the United States fast and easy.

We’re helping people sell their homes quickly and move on with their lives.

  • No property chains (we buy direct!)
  • 100% cash purchase
  • No fee’s whatsoever
  • Trusted
  • Fast Closing
  • 7-day process

Traditional property buyers can often involve a lengthy, drawn out process and the rate of not completing the sales hovers around 30%. Somebody who needs to absolutely sell their house fast should be looking to us and not use traditional real estate.

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