• Let’s assume you’ve had your home available for sale for a considerable length of time and not a single client has made an offer for the purchase. You’ve already spent a great deal on advertisements and made deductions in price but in vain. It may be the case that your property agent now has a […]

  • One of the first things to consider when selling a house is its condition. Is your house in good shape? Or does it need to undergo repairs? If you own a house that needs to go through repairs, and you plan to sell it you, as a seller have to be wise in making decisions. […]

  • Are you planning to sell your house, but troubled by the repairs it needs to go through? That is one of the biggest dilemmas of selling a house. Apart from the time it would take you to complete all those repairs, the cost it would take you to complete that would be a lot. When […]

  • Having the need to sell a home fast is not rare. For the many people who have this dilemma, the first response is to work with a realtor. But is working with a realtor the real solution? Realtors are meant to be mediators between a seller and potential buyers. And realtors are meant to speed […]

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