What types of properties do EXCASA buy?


With only the exception of mobile homes, EXCASA has interest in buying all types of homes from condos to multi-family homes and everything in between. We purchase homes in “as-is” condition, so if your home needs repairs and/or renovations, don’t let that deter you from contacting us.


Are foreclosures and distressed properties the only properties you buy?


While we do buy foreclosures and distressed properties, we also buy well-maintained houses from homeowners who are not under duress to sell quickly but find a simple, stress-free transaction an attractive alternative. For some home owners, this is not their first sale, and so they have already experienced selling a home through an agent and realized that they would find selling to us more effective. Not having to prep the home, pay an agent fee, stage a house and go through several months waiting for a prospective buyer, has a value, and when added to EXCASA’s hassle-free, quick and straightforward method of purchasing makes this a preferable selling option.

If my home is in foreclosure, will EXCASA buy it?


Yes, EXCASA buys homes in foreclosure. It is imperative that you contact us as early as possible so that we are able to purchase the home before the deadline for foreclosure arrives. Do not hesitate to get an offer before foreclosure is inevitable.


Am I required to sell my home quickly or can I take my time?


Working to our client’s schedule is important to us, and therefore we are able to close as quickly or slowly as desired. Our resources and capital allow us the flexibility to close at a time that best suits our client.


What are the charges associated with EXCASA?


Unlike real estate agents who list houses and charge a fee, we buy houses outright and therefore are able to provide our services free of charge. By selling your home “as-is” directly to us you can avoid the 6% commission a realtor would charge, effectively cutting out the middleman.


How is the offer price estimated by EXCASA?


There are a number of things that are factored into the formula that calculates the offer price. Some of those factors are:

  • What condition the house is in
  • Property location
  • Features the property has
  • Square footage of the house
  • How old the house is

These are the main factors but of course, there are many others that allow us to maintain a competitive edge that ensures client satisfaction.


Does EXCASA have a referral reward program?


Yes, referral rewards are available to anyone able to refer us to a property that we ultimately purchase.


What is involved in the property transfer process?


A new deed will be created certifying the transfer of the property from you to the purchaser. This will require your signature as seller, authorizing the transfer of the property to the new buyer.

Recording of this deed in the land records is then undertaken. Before you are able to sell the house, the Title Company must clear the title.


If I’m in bankruptcy, will EXCASA still buy my house?


Absolutely! We will work directly with your bankruptcy attorney to affect a transaction that is fair and acceptable to the bankruptcy court. Provided the offer is acceptable, the property will be released from bankruptcy and we will then purchase your home.

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