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Housing Problems For Homeowners? We Can Help


Selling a house has been a frequent resort of people facing financial difficulties. And admittedly, undergoing the process of selling a house is tough. Here are the possible reasons why most people sell their house and the corresponding resolutions for them.

Foreclosure – – People who are facing foreclosure are usually in a troubling circumstance because from the financial perils they are facing, they are also experiencing the fear of losing their homes. The worst case that happens is the fact that their house’s foreclosure will cause them to have a bad credit report. EXCASA helps homeowners troubled with foreclosure to make a better track of payments, aids with a provision of equity from your house, or buys your house.

Moving and Relocation – – Do you have to leave your house to work or to stay with relatives in state? If such issues arise, chances are you have no other recourse but to leave your house. However, if you do, even before you sell your house, you would have to pay double mortgage which would be an extra financial pain.

Inheritance – – Having a real estate problem is troublesome enough, but if your estate problem is due a death in the family, or inheritance matters, it could be a bigger peril. This is because apart from the emotional stress due to the death of a family member, you would also need to go through the troubles of selling the house. On top of that, while selling a house is stressful on its own, selling an inherited house is usually more difficult due to legalities. Contact a real estate investor that will give you a fast, no obligation offer for the property purchase so you can easily get on with your life.

Divorce – There are many reasons why people would need to liquidate a property. Apart from financial problems, divorce is also a common factor. Just like death in the family, undergoing this process of selling a house while being in an emotional roller coaster is challenging. Help yourself get this worry off your chest and talk to an investor that can help you quickly sell the property.

Inability To Sell – – Did you try to sell your house yourself and put it out on market? How long have been waiting for a sale to happen? When you put your property out there, chances are, you will wait for months, if there’s any luck. If you need fast cash, you can look for investors who can give you a legitimate offer at a fair price.

No equity - People who have no equity have less chances to sell their homes. Because want it sold, people end up consulting a broker and end up raising the value of their house to cover fees for it. And once the value becomes too high, buyers shy away from it. Again, investors are there willing to buy them with little to no equity.

Giving up rental property - Doing maintenance for your house is expensive and enough. But it becomes more challenging when you are maintaining a property that you rent out to other people. Of course you always have to assure that it is in good shape to attract people to rent your place. But on the other hand, it can be exhausting to maintain such property especially that you cannot avoid how people who rent your place manage the house. if you are one of those people who feel exhausted about keeping and spending for a real estate property, there are investors who are also willing to buy such – including multi-unit properties. That way, you don’t have to worry about spending for the maintenance of a house that youdon’t live in.

Vacant Property - A few months or years of not living in the house leads to a certain point deterioration. However, most sellers would not want to go through house fixes and shed extra money for it. Instead, they want to just get rid of the house. Companies such as ours can offer to buy your houses.

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