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Sell Your House in Probate Today for Cash

We buy homes in all shapes and sizes. If you are charged with the responsibility of the estate property sale of a deceased loved one, contact us at Excasa. We are cash buyers of homes and are able to transact a quick closing on your probate property. You can avoid real estate agent fees, undertaking repairs and/or renovations, cleaning, and clearing by selling your probate house to us.

Get cash today for a probate home

Probate is the term used to describe the court supervised transfer of property as dictated by the will of a deceased homeowner. It is simply the matter of selling the home and settling the estate of someone who is now deceased.

Since becoming real estate investors, we have purchased a number of properties that have gone through probate. We also have the potential to purchase the property before probate is cleared.

If you are unfamiliar with probate, you may find yourself hearing and reading some terms that are new to you. It would serve you well to learn and get an understanding of these terms.

Some common ones are as follows:

administration, assets, beneficiary, bequests, closing the estate, codicil, debts, distribution of property, executor, expenses, intestate, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, personal representative, power of attorney, revocable trusts, tenants in common, trustee.

If you feel you are out of your depth, we are happy to recommend a probate and estate lawyer or attorney to assist you.

While we are not an estate planner, a realtor or an attorney, we are experienced and capable of making a cash purchase of your probate home. This can happen very quickly and without incurring the fees or long wait associated with the use of a realtor.

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